Meeting in Topeka

Last week, I went to the 2nd of three meetings with the Dept. of Education and K-12 librarians to upgrade Library Standards for K-12 and to add in Technology Standards. Since I don’t work with K-12, I was lucky to be in a group with two librarians who were knowledgable and practical. Our goal was to develop examples of student exercises for one of the standards and the indicators within that standard. It was quite interesting to hear that students as young as Grade 5 are taught about Interlibrary Loan and other such examples. For our K-Lirt group, it means we can look at these standards (when they’re finished) and see where and how we can add to the Information Literacy continuum for Kansas students. I let you know when it’s all finished, but that’s another blog in another part of the Internet universe!

Originally posted by Rita Sevart on Tuesday, February 07, 2006


About K-LIRT

K-LIRT is a Round Table of the Kansas Library Association
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1 Response to Meeting in Topeka

  1. K-LIRT says:

    This is exciting work! Definitely keep us posted on the progress you are making and let us know when the standards have been completed.

    comment originally posted on Tuesday, February 07, 2006 by Jason Coleman

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