Giving up our education mission

In the College of DuPage teleconference last Friday, Rick Anderson said one of the ways to fix what’s wrong with libraries is to give up the “educator function.” I heard a librarian at Texas A & M who works with LibQUAL+ say we need to reconsider the way we provide library instruction. Is anyone looking at ways to reinvent their library instruction program? Has anyone quit providing one-shot instruction? Anyone doing something new and innovative?

Judy Druse
Washburn University

originally posted on Wednesday, February 08, 2006 by Judy Druse


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1 Response to Giving up our education mission

  1. K-LIRT says:

    I’d really hoped to be able to view that teleconference, but was having my wisdom teeth extracted that day. It sounds as though it was quite provocative! I searched online and found the presenter’s slides and handouts at:

    The vast majority of the in-person instruction we provide at K-State Libraries consists of one-shot sessions. I believe that a few of our subject librarians provide a scaffolded series of sessions for specific classes on campus.

    comment originally posted Wednesday, February 08, 2006 by Jason Coleman

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